After 25 years of extensive activities in the field of preservation and documentation by RESEARCH ON ARMENIAN ARCHITECTURE, we look back to an array of accomplishments.

RAA and its members have developed an impressive volume of work. They have organized 86 field trips and scientific research expeditions to Western Armenia, Cilicia, Iran, Georgia, Nakhijevan, Azerbaijan and regions outside of the Republic of Armenia. The results of these trips are over 120,000 photo slides all contained in seven volume of microfiche albums. These slides document Armenian architectural monuments, some of which do not exist any more. This makes RAA documents an invaluable surviving testimony. Innumerable churches, castles, houses and monasteries were surveyed, measured and graphically recreated to document architectural history. Some monuments were restored and saved from natural and man-made perils in Iran Syria and Armenia; more are scheduled for restoration. Several books and articles were published which include the impressive volumes on "St. Stepanos", "St. Tadeus" and the "Churches of New Djulfa" published in Italy.
The Board of directors of RAA/USA is proud to be part of such an outstanding institution. The immense service rendered by RAA to the people of Armenian descent worldwide must be greatly appreciated and strongly supported.
On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to wish RAA continuous years of successful activities and am looking forward to dhe support of the Armenian community.

Shahen Haroutunian
President RAA/USA

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