rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Continue to research and archive any undocumented information about our historical and religious monuments located in the neighboring countries of Armenia, in particular, and in Armenia and other countries, in general.

rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Renovate and preserve endangered Armenian cultural monuments regardless of their location, whenever possible, within the limitations of the RAA resources, either directly or by the cooperation and financial support of the Armenian Government and Church, other organizations and entities, or concerned individuals.

rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Convert the existing archives and document the results of our new expeditions in a digitized format using the latest technological tools and products, to secure their permanent preservation and ease of dissemination.

rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Publish the archives and disseminate in the traditional publishing, as well as state-of-the-art media formats, including WWW.

rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Restructure RAA’s organization, to secure its sustainability and continuation.

rd_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Train and prepare required manpower resources to secure the continuation of RAA activities.

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