Dr. Armen Aghnazarian was born on May 5th, 1941, in Tehran, Iran, to Dr. Hovanes Haghnazarian, professor at Tehran University and Arussia Haghnazarian, professor at Tehran Conservatorium.

From 1948 to 1959 Armen attended and graduated from Tehran's KUSHESH-DAVITIAN School.

In 1961, he began his architectural studies in Aachen, Germany, where he received his diploma in 1967.

From 1968 he began working at TADEUS VANK in Iran's Azerbaijan province, as his basis for dissertation at the Aachen University.

1972-1973 Armen established "Research on Armenian Architecture" (RAA) organization. In the following years many field trips especially to the eastern parts of Turkey were carried through.

In 1974 Armen and his family moved to Tehran, Iran. Up to 1980 he was active in town planning, construction of university and hospitals.

In 1980 Armen registered RAA in Aachen, Germany, as a non-profit organization. Through the year of 1992, besides his architectural works, Armen has been engaged in many Armenian architectural research activities, such as restoration work on Tadeus and Stepanos Vanks (monasteries), Dzor Dzor Church, as well as photographing the 13 Churches in New Julfa, Iran.

From 1993 from1995 Armen was busy with planning work in Tehran and scientific projects in Aachen. Armen was successful in registering RAA in Yerevan's Matenadaran (Armenian Manuscript Depository). Armen in currently engaged in planning and execution of several expeditions to research the Armenian monuments in Karvajar.

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