Armenian Engineers and Scientists of Armenia

14th Anniversary Gala Night

AESA's 1997 Honoree - Dr. Armen Haghnazarian

Every year the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) selects and honors an Armenian professional who has contributed to the engineering, architectural, scientific, or socio-economic needs of the Armenian people in an extraordinary manner.

This year's honoree is Dr. Armen Haghnazarian, the founder of Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA), who has tirelessly and selflessly worked towards preserving Armenian architecture and historical monuments worldwide. Due to his efforts, thousands of architectural monuments have been researched and documented in various areas throughout Western Armenia (presently Turkey) and the historical Armenian Diaspora (Georgia, Iran, Northern Caucasus, Crimea, Eastern Europe and the Middle East).

These architectural treasures express the rich and unique traditions and heritage of the centuries-old Armenian culture through the language of architecture. Numerous historical monuments located in Western Armenia, Nakhichevan, Artsakh and the surrounding territories serve as irrefutable evidence that Armenians inhabited these territories for thousands of years and substantially contributed to the development of world culture and civilization. The study of these architectural monuments, and submitting these studies to the public at large are powerful political arguments in the Armenian nation's portfolio of historical rights. In turn, the historical monuments dispensed through the countries inhabited by the Armenian Diaspora are testaments to the Armenian communities' devotion toward the host countries and their people.

In response to AESA's request, the following organizations have endorsed this event and join in recognizing Dr. Haghnazarian's efforts and contributions to the Armenian community at large:

Research of Armenian Architecture/USA Branch
Land & Culture Organization
Armenian Professional Society
Armenian Society of Los Angeles

Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) is honored to congratulate Dr. Armen Haghnazarian and his colleagues on the 25th anniversary of establishment of Research of Armenian Architecture and their patriotic and scientific contributions to the Armenian nation.

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